welcome to my slaanesh home page...

    slaanesh is the youngest of the four gods of chaos. He persuades humans and other species to worship him in return for perfection in strength beauty or intelligence. His deamons are female dancers but also strong and graceful warriors. His chaos space marine followers use alot of sonic weapons. There main colours are black pink and purple as well as gold. My army is quite small at the moment but I hope to expand my army with a rhino or land raider with deamons and heavy support.The mark of slaanesh can be bestowed upon an indipendent character at +10 points or to all members of a unit at a cost of +5 points per model.                                

Prince Darfor 

This is the leader (chaos lord) of my army.


Tactics:scouting forwards using cover.

Favrouit unit:HQ



Pink scream's story

The pink screams werent always called that before the heresy they were called the black vipers and dafonious(prince darfors space marine name)lead the black vipers into battle he wanted to be stonger and not just strong unnaturually strong.His troops wanted the same thing that was when slaanesh started to turn them to chaos promising them this strength.When the heresy started they were more than happy to join horus's cause.Ashamed of there past they changed there name and armour colour.they then started to take small planets to build slaanesh temples on and destroying imperial industrial facilitys.

 The armies I collect:

I collect witch hunters as well as slaanesh and I used to collect orks too and I wanted to collect squats but they dont make them anymore. :0(

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