Welcome to my khorne page... 

I collect khorne which is the blood gods followers.they specialise in close combat.They dont use much heavy support.They have good fast attack and troops.There main colours are red black and bronze.


The new army

When you have lost a ton of men what do you do? Recruit some more,or just posses some more.

After a long year of fighting between the wolf claw imperial guard regiment  and  us now the new army.at the end of our last battle victory between some wolf claws heavy support.we were left with only a rhino half a defiler and me and my original squad.when we saw a titan of a machine coming over the horizon 'they have a new weapon'I said  as it came over the horison.It was a despratly made  body suit with a human strapped to the front with wires in his brain and heart.It was such a quick build it hade a ton of week points, I was just about to order are defiler to attack when in range.When it stoped and its right arm rose and I saw it a  giantic lascannon. I saw charging and I orded a 'RETREAT'! Out of the warp a pack of bloodletters came and slaughtered the wolf claws. we watched as the blood letters took down the rest of the wolves. then I saw the mech and a comm link operator escape into there base. within minutes the sky was filled with imperial dropshps.


"let them come the sooner they get here the faster the slaugter may begin!"...

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