welcome to my nurgle page... 

I collect a nurgle army the chaos forces of what comes after death. (charming is'nt it) nurgles main colour is green.The whole army is made up of zombies and diseased chaos space marines.

nurgle deamon prince corpsovan

Corpsovan has lived for a long time and has toughened up after suffering several of nurgles "gifts" (diseases.)


tactics:attacks in large numbers using zombies to weaken the enemy in close combat.

Favrouit unit:zombies using nurgles rot(special ability)


 Nurgles tears

After the heresy the ultramarines needed more troops so they used the geneseed of some dead ultramarines to create several new sqauds.A few weeks later the new recruits were being disciplined by corso (prince copsovans original name) he was wipping them and punching them and shouting at them until tears ran down from the youngest of them.corso picked him up and threw him across the room.the recruits hadnt noticed his green hand until the youngest recruit suddenly turned green all over his body then a medic came and looked at him then he turned green the recruits started going over to look and suffering the same thing.The doors to the room were cealed off and thats exactly what the deamons had been waiting for as nurglins,great unclean ones and plague bearers started to appear from nowhere to revive the recruits. corso had made a deal with nurgle a long time ago that he would bring more troops to worship him in return for cureing his disease on his hand of course nurgle never deals fairly so he mutated him into a deamon prince of nurgle and gave him even more diseases.corso had never really been a real space marine trainee he had been a traitor from the moment he was created because his geen-seed was twisted and evil. The whole planet was lost to nurgle and from that came to be nurgles tears.tears from the youngest recruit from the discipline, tears from corso from even more pain and suffering and tears from all the diseased recruits.

Armies I collect:

I collect nurgle mainly then the orks because I love there oversized weapons and vehicles and some mutants just to annoy SP who collects witch hunters. 

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