The end of The golden eagles (traitor guard)

The lava was pouring down into the valley Vlamos was stuck under a fallen mech he was dying but still fighting for life.The lava was getting closer to him but he was praying to the emperor for a quick death,there was no hope it was seconds away and he was presumed dead his muscles were all useless.The guardsman had been hoping for one of his team to have found him by now but he had no more hope,he was scorched and grey he was a brave troop and had fought against plague marines earlier.He soon saw a silhouette in the distance he felt hope again.But soon he came into focus he was from his squad but he didnt have any of the Imperial symbols on him.He had on his back the grizzly remains of there squad captain.Behind him followed the rest of the golden eagles with defied symbols on them walking with them were the plague marine.Vlamos was shocked you will all burn like the traitors you are!yelled vlamos.Actually I think you will burn as will the rest of you false emperor then the lava was burning vlamos and the traitors smiled and laughed at his demise.


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